Company Profile

Three decades ago our organization M/s Inderjit Mehta had a humble beginning in the constructions field by working in collaboration with an empanelled Contractor of Military Engineer Services and then sprouting into an independent enlisted contractor as a Proprietorship Firm.  By dint of hardwork, dedication, devotion and sincerity we had a meteoritic rise.  Based on our organizational capacity, excellent performance and experience of a large number of works comprising of Residential Quarters, Office and Storage Accommodation, Technical Buildings, Pavements and Services like roads, sewage disposal, area drainage, internal and external water supply and electrification etc., we reached the top slot and got enlisted as a “S” Class Contractor (i.e. Special Class without any tendering limit).

The department then decided to make the criteria for limited contractors more stringent and accordingly created another class of contractors viz “Super Special” or “SS” Class and restricted the contracting limit of “S” Class Contractors to Rs. 5 crores.

The department also decided to enlist only limited companies as “SS” Class Contractors.  We, therefore, formed a “Private Limited” Company under the banner of “M/s Inderjit Mehta Constructions Private Limited” and got ourselves enlisted in the coveted class of “SS” contractors.  Military Engineer Services which is the largest construction agency in the country having thousands of enlisted contractors with it has only 15 such “SS” Class Contractors whom the department considers as “Jewels” in the crown and these Contractors are eligible for works of any magnitude and anywhere in the country.

During the last 30 years we have executed works of varied nature throughout the length and breadth of the country (totaling to over Rs. 200 crores) of all types e.g. Administrative, Industrial, Residential, Technical Buildings both with RCC and structural steel construction alongwith Internal Services and External Services; Highways and Pavements; Hangers; Runways and Taxi Tracks; Reservoirs and Treatment Plants etc.  We have full know-how and capability of executing turnkey jobs.

Quality and speed have been our hallmark throughout. To achieve this we have complete infrastructure in the form of tools, plants and equipments alongwith trained, and sincere, experienced and qualified work people and engineers armed with latest office equipments and commanded by motivated Project Managers.  Our biggest asset has been our sound financial position and high reputation in the market including with the bankers.

Considering our resourcefulness and sound financial position, technical and administrative capability, experienced and qualified staff, tools, plants and engineering equipments coupled with our vast experience in the field of construction, we are fully confident of executing any and every type of assignment with quality and speed.  Given a chance not only we will offer most competitive rates, but will also complete the work well in time, rather ahead of schedule.  In the recent past we have successfully completed many prestigious works of different nature and high magnitude throughout the country.

          List of some of the projects successfully completed by us in the recent past in given in Appendix enclosed.  It may be mentioned that the Military Engineers Service department issues various materials viz; Cement, Steel, Pipes, AC Sheets etc. at subsidized rates and also issues certain materials free of cost.